Century-old newspapers on the Internet

A 10-year project, approximately 10 million pages of newspaper archives will be available on the internet.

Party reported the statement made by British Library, 10 years approximately 10 million pages within the scope of a project can be reached through the newspapers website said. Archive of the last 300 years, shed light on the nature of this newspaper, by publishing to the internet to be installed by BrightSolid.
Users have access to the archive for free. The British Library's newspaper archive page of total 750 million, has 52 thousand regional and international topics.
The project is planned to be completed in about 10 years, Internet users to gain women the right to choose and historical details, such as news about the Crimean War, was prepared at the time to read newspapers.

BrightSolid Publishers firm , 4 million within the next two years plans to enter the Internet page for the newspaper. British Library, Lynne Brindley managers, historical newspapers, historians, students, and pointed out that an invaluable resource for researchers.



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