Smart Filter Campaign

Everyone benefited no one unscheduled wouldn; KDV included only 75,00 TL

General Features
Internet Cafes, Hotels, Hostels for the T.İ.B. Certified Internet Filtering Software.
Unlike many other programs according to the methods allowed by the operating system makes the TCP packets. This feature provides the advantage of increased performance and antivirus.
All database and program updates are automatic and free. Deepfreeze or other protection programs are not affected.
Auto-discovery is the main machine. (No need to enter the fixed ip)
Café Computers Power Shutdown and re-initialization properties.
USB Data Storage Devices verebilme allow the use of restraint and the main machine with a single click.
Reporting on the screen and cleaning for various date ranges Addresses Forbes - The printer or in Word, Excel, html, csv and text formats.
IP logs on the main machine to store and automatically install and set Signature Erlangen IP log - no user intervention required.
IP Logging Reporting on the screen - the printer, or Word, Excel, html, csv and text formats.
Easy Setup Wizard, Simplified Stylish and Easy to Use Interface.
Quick Study burdening the computer.


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