Our Corporate Technology Consulting Services are divided into two general lines.

  1. To the needs of your company's termination of Project Planning and Project
  2. Annual Maintenance Agreement to provide consulting services to the company and projects to make installs

According to the needs of your company if you are going to invest in your technology infrastructure;

  • Analysis of your company needs,
  • Correct product selection,
  • Installations configuring
  • After completion of the project will manage the system or control of a person's education continues to provide.

If more companies asks for projects and IT infrastructure, including the agreements are made during the course of this agreement and controls all the services are performed by us be your reports.

If you make an agreement covering consultancy services;

  • Information Technology infrastructure and development of your entire operation is our responsibility.
  • Servers, UPS, Cabling, Data security and backup systems to help you with everything from and operation of our duty to ensure at all times.

Consultancy service in the context you need and the product identification, installation, always the same performance ensuring your company's products be insured, any failure in the warrant follow-up and instead of another device to put the backup of another place more securely storing, Information Technology department is running on your staff regular seminars and training to to be sent to the company and our services we provide concerning your issue covers every area enters.





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