Smart Filter, Internet filtering and security software. According to the objectives of the user are presented in 3 separate product.

  1. Cafe Edition - Certified by the Telecommunications Authority and the Internet Public Use program is one of the few providers to be used.
  2. Home Edition - Designed for home users.
  3. Network Edition - Businesses and institutions are designed for environments with multiple computers, such as.

Its main features are listed below.

  • Content Filtering - According to a specified level of the ban on stem or root words derived from the words of the selected web sites with obstacles. High-level, middle level and low level as there is a structure consisting of 3 levels.
  • URL Filtering - If the specified addresses entered will stop access to the site is accessed. White List and Black List has application.  White list selection is made it is possible to access not only to the addresses defined.
  • Internet Usage Time Restriction - Parents or persons under the responsibility of business owners to give permission for certain periods of time makes it possible to use the internet.
  • Computer Use Time Restriction - The same as those under the responsibility of parents or business owners to give permission for certain periods of time makes it possible to use computers.
  • Windows Restriction - Allows you to restrict the many features on the Windows operating system.
  • Program Restriction - The computer programs that do not want to prohibit the use.
  • Download Restriction - Prevents downloading of files from the internet with the extensions.
  • MSN Filter - Messenger of interviews on the program saves.
  • Multi-Language Features - Interface is possible to use several languages.

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