Toxide, Bilgesoft by the content management system developed for SMEs.

The site can meet all the requirements of the internet with Toxide branch, which has experience of using office programs and windows without the need for IT staff to anyone outside of your site, you can judge. Below you can check and can enrich your site with the help of the modules listed in detail. Modules with hundreds of different styles and color combinations can create your own original designs or you can request a custom design for you.

  • Site Wizard - 5 step wizard which allows to easily create your site. Other modules are forced to use a structure that offers a solution designed for users in 5 steps.
  • Settlement Panel - The modules on your site style, color settings, you can make change with the help of drag and drop placement on the containers. In addition, themes can keep you created, you can return at any time with one click temalarınıza registered.
  • General Settings - The basic setting on the part of many of your site. Here, the site title, description and keyword fields to create, determine your site's background color or image, special settings, edit your home page. In addition to these codes you can enter additional areas of head and body. In addition to temporarily stop the publication of your site can only show a page you designate.
  • Forms Management - With the help of this module, you can return your visitors can design interactive forms. For example: the form of human resources to create and publish your site with the help of this module takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Data Form - A form of management was created with the help of this module can monitor the return interactive forms and grids receive priority items can be listed.
  • Data Listing - This module is working in coordination with forms management. Here form is content created altalta used in the management of inter-related areas. For example: This module is created as a hierarchical country - city - district - a district with a list of data form the management of data is available altalta. According to user preferences across sub-options will come.
  • Content Management - Office programs are used to display text and images on the site was created with the module interface. This aspect of the module is the most widely used in the system. The media management and content-rich pages into writing macros, read the help pages.
  • News Management - Content management with all the features of news content to the logic of its own among the next group can categorize them anywhere on your site show together.
  • Catalog Management - With the name implies, this module to create product catalogs. In addition, optionally galleries, or references to these catalogs, such as convert to pages. This aspect is a module with a wide range of uses.
  • Media Management - This module to your site with pictures, videos, music, and you can add other modules can use such material.
  • Macro-Management - Advanced JavaScript or HTML code snippets that you can create using the weather or our offer to you, exchange rates, time codes within your site, such as ready to use module.
  • Membership System - This module records and 5 stages with a member of the executive members of registered groups and these groups can manage.
  • Authorization and Security - Member of the existing system to organize groups that provided access to the modules module.
  • Site Statistics - Visitor information, instant, daily and monthly basis are listed graphically. Recent search kayıtlarınıda see in this module.
  • Menu Management - This module can create menus, with the contents of a macro or a settlement between the board can select the style and colors.
  • Survey Management - This module can create polls with your visitors and your request can take in the views of other visitors can share.
  • Email Settings - Domain Name to create your email accounts. Webmail system, you can send and receive email. If you want Outlook etc. IMAP e-mail programs, send and receive email using SMTP and POP3 protocols.
  • Email Listing - This module can create mailing lists, other modules can send data to people on this list with one click. .
  • Language Settings - 54 languages in our system-defined option, you can choose any 4 of them and actively use the site.
  • Link Pages - External links to list in groups to prepare and allowing the module.
  • Sitemaps - Built-in links to list in groups to prepare and allows module.

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